CBS's Supergirl is finally adding Superman to the cast, but with a twist

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Nov 27, 2015, 6:52 PM EST (Updated)

We’ve glimpsed Superman a time or two on the fringes, but now CBS’s Supergirl is getting ready to officially add the Man of Steel. There’s just one thing.

As TV Line reports, the show is putting out a casting call for a 13-year old actor with “future leading man looks” in a recurring role as Kal-El, aka Superman/Clark Kent. He’ll apparently factor into the narrative via flashbacks, with the official introduction coming in the 13th episode. Per the report, the flashbacks are aimed to establish a “cherished bond” between Kara and Supes.

There’s just one thing that doesn’t, exactly, make a lot of sense. It’s already been established that Kara was stuck in the Phantom Zone for several years, and didn't actually make it to Earth until Ka-El was (mostly) grown-up and saving the world. So… how could these flashbacks fit in, exactly? There’s always a chance we’ll just get some throwbacks to young Clark, while Kara is still stuck in the Phantom Zone. But, that feels a little random.

We’re assuming the creative team have this figured out, but yeah, it certainly raises a ton of questions.

How do you think this will work out in execution? Any recommendations for a young Supes?

(Via TV Line)