Celebrate Best Friends Day with these comic book besties

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Dec 19, 2018, 3:14 PM EST (Updated)

Happy Best Friends Day! This is the one day a year when we can come out of our shells (and maybe our homes, but we're trying to be realistic) and proudly proclaim to the world that yes, WE HAVE FRIENDS. In fact, we have so many friends that we can rank them. We don't just have friends. We have BEST friends.

I don't know what you get for your best friend on Best Friends Day. Maybe some non-romantic flowers? Some fancy but not-so-fancy chocolates? A teddy bear?

If you're looking for something a little geekier that will last a whole lot longer than some stupid flowers, you can always pick up some comics. We've got a handful of recommendations below where you'll find a wide variety of characters who share one particular commonality: They are best friends.

Check out our suggestions and let us know who your favorite comic book best friends are.

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Top stories

Lumberjanes Vol. 1

If you’ve never had the chance to check out this incredible series, then this is the perfect opportunity. Sometimes a best friend is a single person we can share everything with. But who says you only have to have one best friend? In this series from Boom Studios, you get to hang out with the campers of Roanoke Cabin at Miss Qiunzella Thiskwin Penniquiqul Thistle Crumpet’s Camp for Hardcore Lady Types. The Lumberjanes all come from a variety of backgrounds and have different ways of looking at the world and solving problems, but they have each other’s backs no matter what challenges face them.


Patsy Walker aka Hellcat Vol. 1

Patsy Walker is trying to get her life back on track and while she deals with a handful of terrible foes, a childhood nemesis, and a couple obnoxious ex-boyfriends, what she’s really looking for are a few good friends. She finds them, of course, as she stops a robbery right at the start and ends up roommates with the would-be criminal. But the friendship at the core of the series will always be the one between Patsy Walker and Jennifer Walters (perhaps better known as She-Hulk). Despite the fact that the series kicks off with Patsy losing her job at Jennifer’s firm, they two never have a falling out. Instead, they support each other through financial difficulties and all the hardships that come with being a super hero while also trying to run a small business.


Paper Girls Vol. 1

We’ve all got a soft spot in our hearts for the boys of 1980s (or '80s nostalgia) adventure stories like The Goonies or Stranger Things. They’re all bikes and backpacks and snacks and adorably naive ideas about the world and their approaches to their various alien or monster encounters, facing down the terror of adults. If you like these teams but wish they, you know, had some girls, then you should be reading Brian K. Vaughn’s Paper Girls, a series very much in the same vein but featuring a group of 12-year-old paper delivery girls who smoke and swear and occasionally fire weapons. Oh, and there are aliens. And there’s time travel. If there’s one thing that can test the strength of a friendship it is literally all of that.


The Hunt for Oracle: Birds of Prey #20-21/Nightwing #45-46

Yes, I will put Birds of Prey in every list I can, but you cannot deny the incredible friendship between Barbara Gordon and Dinah Lance. You can honestly pick up any issue of this series and find these women supporting each other and arguing with each other over important issues, because friends don’t just blindly follow along with their friend’s bad decisions. But I’m narrowing this down to the wonderful early story where it all began: The Hunt for Oracle. This four-issue series — which crossed between both Birds of Prey and Nightwing — was the first time the two women met face to face, and the first time Dinah was able to put a face to the voice behind the name Oracle. And the rest is history.


Bitch Planet Vol. 1

When you’re living in a dystopian future where the patriarchy has taken over and women are frequently incarcerated for being unattractive and overweight and queer and old and all manner of undesirable, you need a really good girl gang to get you through. Bitch Planet, both the comic series and the literal prison colony, contains plenty of women ready to start a riot. It also creates conditions in which women, whether family or close friends or mere acquaintances, find reason to band together and support each other. Fast friendships arise in dire situations.


Runaways Vol. 1

Speaking of dire situations, your teenage years are challenging enough without the kinds of discoveries made by the teen protagonists of Runaways. Not only do they have to deal with hormones and teen crushes and parents who just don’t understand, they also have to deal with burgeoning superpowers and evolving sexualities and parents who like to kidnap homeless kids and murder them in a creepy cult sacrifice to keep themselves powerful. So what do you do when your parents kill kids once a year? Well, you band together with your closest friends and fellow murderer offspring, grab a psychic dinosaur, and fight back against them... after you run away, of course.