Celebrate Galentine's Day with these 10 badass BFFs

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May 2, 2017, 11:05 AM EDT (Updated)

Happy Galentine's Day! Today is the day we gather our lady friends together to eat waffles, exchange empowering gifts and tell them how much we love having them in our lives.

To celebrate this illustrious and not at all made-up holiday, we are highlighting some of the best BFFs in genre. From supportive sisters to empowering team-ups to possible-but-not-canonical lesbians, these ladies truly are #relationshipgoals.


Xena and Gabrielle are pretty much the ultimate television friendship. The two women support each other, challenge each other, and occasionally their children murder each other. Their personalities, goals and views of the world are both oppositional and complementary, which means they enhance and enrich each other's lives. And you wouldn't be close friends if people didn't assume you were dating.


Kara/Alex Danvers

Who says sisters can't be friends? Over (almost) two seasons of Supergirl, the Danvers sisters have proved that sometimes your best friend can come from your own family. Alex and Kara are always there for each other, even when they're fighting. They're honest with each other, they give each other advice and they fight aliens together. What more could you want?



Superheroes make the best friends, especially when you're Patsy Walker and Jennifer Walters. In the current continuity of Marvel Comics, these two women are badass both on the streets and in their business endeavors; Walters as a lawyer, Walker as an aspiring employment service for out-of-work superheroes. Even though Walters had to fire Walker from her law firm, she has remained supportive of her friend’s new goals, and they have never let petty differences keep them from fighting alongside each other.



Sometimes your best friend can appear at the oddest times. In the case of Lost Girl's BFFs, that time was just as one of them (Kenzi) was about to be date raped by some asshole at a bar. Kenzi was there for Bo though the worst identity crisis of all time and Bo never looked down on her bestie for being a mere human in a world of Fae. Kenzi was Bo's heart and Bo was Kenzi’s protector.



Buffy Summers and Willow Rosenberg are the epitome of the phrase "opposites attract." When they first met, Buffy was a strong, confident new student who could easily have run with the popular crowd while Willow was a self-conscious nerd who was confused that the new girl wanted to talk to her, let alone be her friend. Over the show's seven seasons they would empower and inspire each other to reach new heights, fight new bad guys and stop several apocalypses. Their friendship even allowed them to change the fabric of the slayer mythos. If that's not girl power, I don't know what is.


New Ghostbusters

The friends who bust together, stay together. People say that, right? They don't? Well, they should, because there are few friendships stronger than those that start with seemingly insane claims about ghosts. But that's exactly how all those in the new Ghostbusters film begin. Whether you're Erin and Abby who became friends as kids (when Abby believed a story that got Erin ridiculed by the other kids), or Holtzmann, who saw it as an opportunity to have crazy science fun, or Patty, who not only believed them but who was welcomed into this new team after they recognized what she had to offer them, all four women complement the others and fill in important roles on the team. They might get off to a rocky start, but like all good friends, they overcome their differences and save the world.


Barbara Gordon/Dinah Lance

The best best friends are able to disagree without it completely destroying their friendship. For Barbara Gordon and Dinah Lance, the original Birds of Prey, sometimes you don't even need to meet the person to develop a deep personal relationship. Over their decades-long friendship in two different continuities, the two women have butted heads -- and gotten into actual fistfights -- while also seeing each other through some of the most difficult times in their lives.


Powerpuff Girls

Another team of sisters who are also the best of friends, the Powerpuff Girls don't just kick butt and take names. They also teach young girls that our differences are what make us interesting, and what makes for great friends and even better super teams. Though the Power Puff Girls were created by the same experiment, they each possess unique characteristics ... which means they approach problems differently, argue about solutions and ultimately provide each other with a means of learning about and understanding different perspectives, something all best friends should do.



Lumberjanes is the team-up every little girl deserves. The young ladies of the Roanoke cabin at Miss Qiunzella Thiskwin Penniquiqul Thistle Crumpet's Camp for Hardcore Lady Types make up the type of team-up that celebrates all the best parts of Girl Scouts and Summer Camp with all the best parts of Dungeons and Dragons in real life. The girls look out for each other, they challenge each other to do more and they help to bring out the best in each other. They are accepting of each other's differences and they teach girls not to judge others but to work together toward a common goal. Friendship to the max!


Wonder Woman/Etta Candy

Wonder Woman is the OG female superhero and her friendship with Etta Candy was -- and is -- the best friendship upon which so many of the above best friendships have been built. Etta Candy appeared in just the second Wonder Woman story and she quickly became Diana's best friend and constant companion. Despite the fact that she did not possess the abilities of her super BFF, Etta helped Wonder Woman defeat her enemies and take on the patriarchy. For her part, Wonder Woman never judged her friend or left her behind to do her superhero-ing on her own -- she inspired and empowered Candy and the Holiday Girls to fight their own battles and assist in hers. It's no wonder Etta Candy continues to appear as an important part of Wonder Woman's exploits to this day.

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