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Celebrate Halloween with SYFY's spookiest pumpkins

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Apr 29, 2019, 5:55 AM EDT (Updated)

Halloween is a great time for fandom — because sometimes it’s downright scary how much us fans love our favorite series. To help SYFY fans celebrate Halloween in style, we’ve created several stencils for your Pumpkin-carving needs.

The stencil designs have been specially altered to make sure you can carve them into your pumpkin. There are stencils for the logos to Z-Nation, Channel Zero, Wynonna Earp, Van Helsing, and HAPPY! In addition, there’s also a stencil for the House of El sigil as seen on Krypton, and the main SYFY logo (check it out in the video below), just in case you only have one pumpkin and can’t choose which show you want to honor in gourd form.

We even have a handy-dandy video to share with you that explains best pumpkin-carving practices (werewolf paws optional):

You can adjust the size of your stencil to better fit your pumpkin by modifying the “zoom” when printing. After you’ve carved your pumpkin (careful with the knife!), feel free to share your creation on social media using the hashtag #ItsAFanThing. Check out our stencils in the gallery below!

Happy Halloween, fans!

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