Celebrate Independence Day with 17 super-patriotic Captain America comics covers

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Apr 29, 2019, 7:22 AM EDT (Updated)

If you're a comic-book fan, the Fourth of July and the Sentinel of Liberty probably go hand in hand.

The United States is now well over 200 years old, and Captain America's been with us for more than seven decades' worth of our country's lifespan. His presence as a hero, and a symbol of the American way, is now an indelible part of American patriotism, particularly since he's become a movie icon as a well as a comic-book star. These days it's hard to think about American icons without including Captain Steve Rogers among the ranks.

There are many ways to celebrate Independence Day, from fireworks to frankfurters, banners to beers, but here at Blastr we can't have a good time without bringing Cap into the mix. So this year we thought we'd celebrate Captain America in one of the simplest ways possible: by revisiting some of his most iconic patriotic comic-book covers, ranging from his very first adventure to the present day. Check out the covers we chose -- featuring the work of everyone from Jack Kirby to Steve McNiven -- in the gallery below, and have a happy Fourth.

(All information via the Grand Comics Database)