Celebrate the release of Super Mario Odyssey with this epic domino mural

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Mar 26, 2021, 6:00 PM EDT (Updated)

There's the traditional way of celebrating the release of a Nintendo video game -- and then there's taking it to the next level altogether.

YouTube user TheDominoKing is already known for his epic domino murals celebrating everything from Rick & Morty to Star Wars, and his latest is no exception. With the recent release of Super Mario Odyssey for the Nintendo Switch on October 27, TheDominoKing decided to craft a domino tribute to the 3D game -- and after two months of continuous work, the results pretty much speak for themselves.

This Super Mario Odyssey mural consists of 148,777 dominoes. According to TheDominoKing, he'd originally planned to upload the video on the game's original release date but then decided to spend some more time working on it. 

The video itself is what's known as a screen link; in other words, each clip was created individually and then edited together to look like one continuous mural. It's still wildly impressive, if we do say so ourselves.

Check out the full 5-minute video below!