Celebrate women in comics with these Image variants

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Apr 29, 2019, 6:14 AM EDT (Updated)

As you may have heard, today is International Women's Day, a day set aside to recognize the contributions and accomplishments of women from all walks of life — including women comic book artists.

Image Comics has already begun their recognition of women in comics with a month-long variant cover initiative that sees women artists illustrating covers for some of their biggest titles. Not only will Image be publishing the covers, they'll also be putting their money where their mouths — and pencils — are by donating 100% of the proceeds for the covers to Planned Parenthood.

Two of the covers — for Rat Queens and Royal City — were released last week, while three more are hitting stores today and more coming as March rolls on. It's fun to see new artists' takes on these characters, and a few of the creators are re-teaming with each other, such as Emi Lenox providing a cover for her Plutona collaborator Jeff Lemire's Royal City, and Nicola Scott covering her Wonder Woman teammate Greg Rucka's Old Guard.

The variant cover initiative is a part of Image's year-long 25th anniversary celebration, which will see the company publish a different variant cover theme each month, which began with February's homage covers, which had artists illustrate send-ups of classic Image covers of years past.

The release dates and descriptions for each cover is below, followed by the covers in the gallery. Note that the initial announcement had Monstress #11 as one of the books included, but the cover image has yet to be revealed, and its release seems to have been pushed back into April. We will update the gallery if and when it's added.


Rat Queens #1, cover by Colleen Doran

Royal City #1, cover by Emi Lenox

The Wicked + The Divine #27, cover by Chynna Clugston-Flores

Motor Crush #4, cover by Leslie Hung

Low #16, cover by Vanesa R. Del Rey



East of West #32, cover by Meredith McClaren



She Wolf #7, cover by Marian Churchland

Magdalena #1, cover by Roberta Ingranata



Moonshine #6, cover by Jill Thompson

Old Guard #2, cover by Nicola Scott