Celebrate Harrison Ford's 70th with 7 great sci-fi moments

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Dec 17, 2012

It's hard to believe, but acting legend Harrison Ford turns 70 today. So in honor of the sci-fi icon's big 7-0, we've put together seven of the most classic sci-fi moments from his storied career.

Over the past few decades, Harrison Ford has had the chance to take on not just one iconic sci-fi character—but (at least) three. From Han Solo to Indiana Jones and the future-cop Deckard, Ford has played a role in quite a few of our favorite films.

So, here are seven of his most iconic scenes.

Han Solo's "I know" scene in Empire Strikes Back

Ford's turn in Star Wars as the bad boy with a heart of gold made for about a million awesome scenes, but one of the best was his farewell kiss with Princess Leia. She tells him she loves him. His response? Classic Han.

When the big questions hit on Blade Runner

Ridley Scott's Blade Runner was one of the smartest sci-fi films ever made, and this touching scene below is where a lot of the dense, twisty plot comes into view for Ford's character Deckard.

Han Solo chases a hall full of stormtroopers

Another awesome Han Solo scene. Here the reluctant hero chases an entire group of stormtroopers with nothing but his trusty blaster.

Kicking some alien butt in Cowboys & Aliens

He may be getting older, but it didn't stop Ford from taking on a stern, badass role in the recent flick Cowboys & Aliens. Check out a few looks at the butt-kicking action in the trailer.

Indiana Jones shoots the swordsman in Raiders

This one is just classic. Faced with an expert swordsman, doing all kinds of sword-fu, Ford's Indiana Jones reminds the guy why you don't bring a knife to a gun fight.

The mine car chase in Temple of Doom

One of the best action set pieces of all the Indiana Jones films, this one is a twisty bit of action that is still a thrill to behold.

Deckard's downtown shootout in Blade Runner

Blade Runner had a ton of iconic scenes, but Deckard's downtown chase was one of the best, as we get our best look at Ridley Scott's wild future from the cop's point of view.

What are some of your favorite Harrison Ford scenes?