Celebrate the start of summer with these 9 sci-fi drinking games

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Dec 14, 2012

It's summer, which for some of us means it's time for a cold one. Get your drink on with these sci-fi drinking games, based on some of our favorite movies and TV shows.

Remember to drink responsibly. If you want to remain conscious, you might want to sip instead of swallow, no matter what the directions say. Being responsible also means no driving—and no texting your ex.

Oh, and for those of us who teetotal, instead of taking a drink ... nibble on some chocolate.

Harry Potter

This is all wrong. Harry Potter is for kids. They shouldn't be encouraged to drink, no matter how funny it is. But just in case the adults need a little pick-me-up, here's what they need to get the party started.

Drink whenever:

- Draco sneers at someone.
- Hagrid says, "I shouldn't have told you that."
- Hermione raises her hand in class.

Our favorite:

- Drink whenever Professor Snape looks down his nose at someone.

X-Men trilogy

With multiple characters and a fast-paced plot, you would think that the first X-Men movie trilogy wouldn't have so many easy rules for a drinking game. You'd be wrong.

Drink whenever:

- Sabretooth has a line.
- Toad utilizes his tongue.
- Cyclops acts like a dick. [Note: debatable.]

Our favorite:

- Drink whenever Storm has an accent.
- Twice if it mysteriously disappears in the middle of a scene.

Star Trek: The Original Series

Star Trek had its own clichés even back in the 1960s, and some of them have only become more obvious over time. After over 40 years of viewing, we're pretty sure this drinking game wrote itself.

Drink whenever:

- Bones says, "He's dead, Jim."
- A redshirt dies.
- A newly discovered planet is "Much like Earth."

Our favorite:

- Drink whenever Kirk's shirt gets ripped.

Game of Thrones

This television show has just ended, but it rapidly earned itself a place in drinking-game history. As you can see from the link, the rules are evolving.

Drink whenever:

- Someone says, "A Lannister pays his debts."
- Someone says, "Winter is coming."
- When a named character dies, finish your drink.

Our favorite:

- Drink whenever Ned does something stupid out of honor.


As we fans painfully know, Firefly only had 14 episodes. We shouldn't just be drinking to the rules, we should also raise a toast in its memory.

Drink whenever:

- Someone uses the word "shiny."
- Kaylee makes a play for the Doctor.
- Someone uses a Mandarin phrase.

Our favorite:

- Drink whenever you see the Blue Sun logo on any item, foreground or background.


Torchwood is a very adult show, with mature themes and situations. Surprisingly, the characters don't drink very much. They're too busy having sex. The fans will have to do the drinking for them.

Drink whenever:

- Lesbian/gay snogging occurs.
- Heterosexual shagging occurs.
- There is a swooping aerial shot of Cardiff from a helicopter.

Our favorite:

- Drink whenever Ianto looks guilty or vulnerable for no apparent reason.

Red Dwarf

Red Dwarf follows the last human in the universe and his wacky misadventures. This show made us laugh when we were sober. Imagine what fun it would be while tipsy.

Drink whenever:

- Cat has a costume change.
- Holly's head appears on something other than a TV screen on a wall (i.e., Lister's watch, Kryten's stomach).
- Lister is seen eating a curry (or other Indian food).

Our favorite:

- Drink whenever Ace Rimmer says, "Smoke me a kipper, I'll be back for breakfast!"

Lord of the Rings

The snarkiest of all drinking games. The author of these particular rules knows his/her material all too well.

Drink whenever:

- Every time a hobbit talks about food.
- Every time someone or something is called "precious."
- Every time Frodo says, "Oh, Sam ..."

Our favorite:

- Every time Legolas looks fabulous, take a shot. If his blond tresses look particularly fabulous, go condition your hair. Rinse. Repeat.


We know Bender loves his brew, so a drinking game for Futurama is kind of a no-brainer ... which is what you'll be after you follow these rules.

Drink whenever:

- Fry is in his underwear.
- Leela insults Zapp Brannigan.
- Star Trek is shown or referenced.

Our favorite:

- Drink whenever Bender is drinking.

Bender would be so proud.