33 sci-fi movies made better by cell phones

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:31 PM EST

A new meme took over Twitter today, as hundreds (thousands?) of suggestions flew by recommending the blockbuster movies which could have been made even more blockbustery with the simple addition of a cell phone. So of course we smerched some of the best of the sci-fi, fantasy and horror hybrids. Check them out below!

Planet of the Apps

The Da Vinci Area Code


StarTAC Generations

Galaxy S Quest

Night of the Living Deadzone

Texting Chainsaw Massacre

Flash Memory Gordon

Event Verizon

iPhone, Robot

Data Plan 9 from Outer Space

The Tommy-Nokias

Tales from the Encrypted

Skype from New York


The Eternal Sony of the Spotless Mind

The Day the Earth Got Billed

Edward Scissor Handsfree

Drag Me to Nextel

The Two Cell Towers

iPhone, Legend

Return of the Signal

Vanilla Skype

Talktime Bandits

Caller ID4

Raiders of the Lost Call

Fellowship of the Ringtones

Infrared Planet

The Setup Wizard of Oz

Close Encounters of the 3G Kind

Pitch BlackBerry

Dawn of the Dead Zone

E.T. & T.

You can find the unexpurgated list by using the hashtag #cellphonemovies.

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