The Flash season 5 poster

Central City becomes a war zone in new trailer for The Flash Season 5

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Oct 7, 2018, 12:05 PM EDT

As fans of CW's The Flash know, Barry Allen's life can't stay the easy course for long. Despite marrying Iris, meeting his daughter from the future, and getting a stylish new costume, Barry has plenty of challenges ahead. While the existence of his daughter Nora a.k.a. XS seems to promise that everything will work out, we know that due to the nature of time travel, the future is fickle beast.

Season 5 looks to dig deeper into the questions of causality, as Nora's presence starts making unexpected changes to the timeline. That mysterious, future newspaper that has lingered over the series since Season 1 is back in the spotlight, as Barry hopes Nora might hold a few precious answers about his own future. The teaser also hints at a few new wrinkles to the timeline, including the possible emergence of another evil speedster (you can't have too many!), new big bad Cicada (played by Chris Klein), the death of Team Flash and more.

While last season went for a somewhat lighter tone, this teaser seems to suggest that things may get dark for Barry & Co. yet again. Will they be able to outrun the future?

The Flash premires on Tuesday, October 9.