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A certain comic is worth a lot more money now thanks to Guardians of the Galaxy

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Aug 4, 2014, 4:30 PM EDT

Guardians of the Galaxy's most unexpected cameo just made someone's first comic appearance earn a big price bump.

Remember when we were all collectively sitting in the theater holding our breath and waiting to see what would happen after the credits finished rolling for Guardians of the Galaxy? Then do you remember how confused a lot of people were when they saw (SPOILERS) a talking duck?

Yeah, Howard was not what most of us were expecting, but it was still pretty cool seeing him up there on the big screen for the first time since George Lucas's ill-fated Howard the Duck movie back in 1986. But what's really cool is what happened next.

Prior to Guardians' release, Adventures Into Fear, Featuring Man-Thing #19 (aka Howard the Duck's first appearance) wasn't going for much. It was selling for around $100-$150. Not terrible, but not much either.

But then Howard showed up in Guardians, and the market adjusted. One copy just sold for $595, and another has an asking price of $995 that may sell, too!

We suspect this uptick won't last forever. Unless, of course, someone wants to announce a new Howard the Duck movie, perhaps? It could happen! Although we imagine a lot of people would be pretty miffed if a CGI duck got a movie before, say, Black Widow. Or Captain Marvel. Or She-Hulk. Or ...

(via Bleeding Cool)