The CGI zombie apocalypse arrives in stunning horror short film Isolated

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Jan 15, 2015, 1:01 PM EST (Updated)

Over the decades, we’ve seen a boatload of zombie movies and television shows — but not many have tried to create an undead apocalypse using only CGI. Enter Isolated.

This creepy little five-minute short film follows a man who stumbles out of a taxi wreck only to realize he’s stepped out into a city seemingly overrun with zombies. The CGI adds a bizarre, disconnected feel to the whole thing that makes it (even more) unsettling. It’s hyper-realistic, and the creators did an excellent job with the visuals.

The short film was directed and co-written by Tomas Vergara, with Manuel Vergara also pulling some writing duties. It was produced by Ian Mery.

Check out the short below, but be warned — you’ll definitely want to see more once these five short minutes fade to black:

(Via Sploid)