Chandrayaan-1 views the Earth

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Nov 1, 2008
The Indian lunar probe Chandrayaan-1 is slowly making its way to the Moon; it'll be another week before it gets there. In the meantime, the ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) has been testing the cameras by taking images of the Earth. The picture shown here (click to embiggen) is very cool. It shows the southern coast of Australia, and I think it's south-up, despite the map they show [ Update: Emily figured this out: the image has been flipped horizontally due to operator error!]. You can clearly see water above the land mass, and I think that's the ocean south of Australia. The resolution is nice.

That picture was taken on October 29 when the probe was 70,000 km above the surface of the Earth; nearly twice as high as weather satellites. Obviously, when it arrives at the Moon and drops into its 100 km orbit, the images it gets will be fantastic!

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