Change a life

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Sep 12, 2008

Can you change someone's life?

Actually, you can. I see it happen all the time. At Dragon Con, and at TAM, I saw people come up to Randi (dare I say reverently?) and they tell him how seeing him changed them, made them critical thinkers, made them abandon their pseudoscience and embrace reality. I'm proud to say that I too have had this happen to me. Several wonderful people at DC told me that they read my blog, which led them to skepticism, and changed their lives for the better.


So following your dream, embracing your goals, can change not just yourself but others around you. And now we have proof! I welcome Dr. Johnson Haas into the fold: because of TAM 6, he has started blogging. And it looks good too (ST:TOS reference to Skalosians FTW!), so I've subscribed.

Will he change lives? I think yes. Will you?

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