Channing Tatum closed his Fox deal, will play Gambit after all

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Aug 4, 2015, 6:52 PM EDT

Channing Tatum has been quite vocal about his desire to play everyone's favorite card-slinging mutant for years, and his appearance at the Fox panel at San Diego Comic-Con last month seemed to be the cherry on top of years of anticipation for both him and fans. We'd already heard he'd be Gambit, but at that moment, as he took the Hall H stage with the rest of the X-Men, we really knew.

Then, improbably, reports surfaced claiming that Tatum's contract negotiations with Fox were in major trouble, and that Tatum was considering walking away from the project mere months before production was set to begin. Either something had gone horribly wrong or a little public contract negotiation was happening. Whatever the case, we were left wondering what would become of the Gambit movie.

Now it seems our worries can be put to rest. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Tatum has closed his deal with Fox, and while there was a "sticking point" in their negotiations, the report notes that his involvement in the project was never in any "real danger."

So, where did the sticking point come up? Well, according to the report, one issue was scheduling. With Hugh Jackman preparing to depart the X-Universe as Wolverine, the studio is looking for other "anchor" characters in the universe, someone who can carry successful solo films and show up in the team movies. Tatum certainly has the star power to pull that off, but it means getting prepared for multiple films over a period of several years, and since Tatum's still busy elsewhere as an actor and producer, that likely took some work to set up. The report also notes that "backend compensation" was a factor in the negotiations, but it seems that was sorted out too.

So we've got our Gambit. Now we just have to see how the movie turns out.

Gambit is set to be released Oct. 7, 2016.

(Via THR)

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