Channing Tatum's Gambit movie delayed. Again.

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Mar 29, 2016

Production on the solo movie starring one of Marvel's most popular X-Men characters has been put on hold again.

Looks like we'll have to wait even longer before we get to see Channing Tatum’s trenchcoat-wearing mutant Gambit wield his staff and throw his exploding kinetic-energy-charged playing cards at the bad guys on the big screen.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the X-Men spinoff movie is currently undergoing rewrites, with Tatum’s producing partner Reid Carolin, the dude who wrote Magic Mike and Magic Mike XXL, hammering out the script.

While the project is once again put on the back burner, the superhero movie’s director, Doug Liman (Edge of Tomorrow), will even squeeze in the time to helm Amazon Studios' first original movie, a psychological thriller called The Wall, which is described as a small-scale production. Liman is expected to shoot the movie in late spring/early summer before returning to his preproduction duties on Gambit. At least he's not leaving.

It’s not the first time the Marvel comic-book movie has faced some major hurdles since it was announced. First we had Channing Tatum holding out on signing on the dotted line for the iconic role of the Ragin’ Cajun, then original director Rupert Wyatt (Rise of the Planet of the Apes) departed the project, with Liman coming on board in November 2015. Through all that, the movie’s release date was bumped from late 2016 to sometime in 2017.

Gambit was supposed to enter production around this time, but now sources say those rewrites have pushed the start of production until the end of 2016. Ouch! I just hope this shows 20th Century Fox's commitment to handing the fans the best Gambit movie they possibly can, and that it means we can expect something that's going to be more along the lines of the recent X-Men movies and Deadpool rather than last year’s atrocious Fantastic Four.

Back in January, producer Simon Kinberg described Gambit as “a sexy PG-13 heist film.” Now that the script is being rewritten (just how much is currently unclear), will that change? What do you guys think?

(via THR)

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