Character you thought you'd never see again to return in Walking Dead

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Jan 25, 2016, 4:21 PM EST (Updated)

We’re still about a week and a half from the return of AMC’s The Walking Dead, but luckily we have a few teasing tidbits to tide us over. The latest bit of intel? A long-lost survivor will show up in the midseason premiere when we least expect it.

TV Line’s Michael Ausiello has offered up a few spoilers on the survival drama’s return, and his latest tease indicates that someone we never expected to see will show up soon in the back half of season three:

“When the show returns on February 10, not only will we learn the outcome of the Daryl/Merle showdown, a character you probably never thought you’d see again will put in an appearance, and Rick will do something (literally) everyone has wanted to do at one time or another.”

So who could the mystery guest be? Considering the massive cast this show boasts, it’s anyone's guess. Luckily (well, you know what I mean), a big chunk of those characters have already been killed off, so that helps narrow it down. Best guess? Morgan (Lennie James), who was last seen in the show’s pilot episode helping Rick get his bearings after waking up post-apocalypse. There were some rumors a while back that he might return, and considering the glut of actors who have already been axed this season, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to reintroduce a familiar face. 

Apart from that, another option could literally be a dead character showing up in a Rick-crazed cameo, which we already got a dose of earlier this season. As the former deputy continues to unravel, it wouldn’t be much of a surprise if some ghosts from his past came back to haunt him. Again.

Regardless, with Tyrese (Chad Coleman) and his group already joining up with Rick and company, the team need all the help they can get to take on the Governor. Let’s just hope it doesn’t turn out that Morgan (or whoever it is) has been a Woodbury resident all along.

Who do you think it is?

(Via TV Line)

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