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Charge into HBO's heated BTS look at last night's Game of Thrones inferno

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Aug 7, 2017


Like many, I'm still sweeping up the dust and ash after last night's incendiary episode of Game of Thrones, and just as the smoke clears and my heart resumes its normal rhythms, HBO has released a 14-minute featurette on the epic conflict's intricate design and logistics titled The Loot Train Attack.

The BTS video indicates the sheer number of actors, extras, pyrotechnics experts, technicians, electricians, stuntmen, propmasters, animal wranglers, and lighting crew members required to pull off the blazing battle. And as we saw last night, the results were nothing less than stunning.

Check out this intimate look inside "The Spoils of War" and tell us if you think this combustible contest between Jamie's hapless Lannister army and Daenerys' deadly dragon brigade bests last year's Battle of the Bastards.

(via io9)

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