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Charles Soule weighs in on bringing Wolverine back to life and introducing Persephone — a new kind of X-villain

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Sep 17, 2018, 5:01 PM EDT

With Logan set to claw his way out of hell (or something like it) this week with the long-awaited debut of Return of Wolverine, Marvel’s dropping some fresh insights on how longtime Wolverine writer Charles Soule is hitting the reset button on a character we all knew couldn’t stay dead for long.

From the sound of it, this won’t be the pre-death Wolverine you remember. Overcoming death has a way of changing a superhero, explains Soule (who also wrote 2014’s Death of Wolverine), and Return will feature that idea prominently throughout its five-issue run.

Return of Wolverine is about... thinking about how he’s going to continue his journey, maybe having learned some things about himself after, you know, being dead,” he said in a new Marvel interview. “Resurrection should be the biggest thing that’s ever happened to Wolverine — and I think that’s how the story feels.”

The mystery behind the story’s all-new villain, Persephone, will carry through the series, as fans discover from one panel to the next how Soule and artist Steve McNiven have created a unique new character who plays directly against Wolverine’s newfound perspective. 

Persephone Return of Wolverine


Persephone will come equipped “with a power set and goals I don’t think we’ve seen before in the Marvel Universe, at least not used in this particular way,” Soule said, describing her as a “fascinating antagonist” with new, unknown abilities. “[W]e don’t know what Persephone can do, or why she’s doing it, and so we’re just as in the dark as Logan is at the beginning of the story.”

Another mystery that Return has been teasing is Wolverine’s new, back-from-the-grave ability, which heats up his adamantium claws in a way McNiven said was “one of the most visually interesting” features to draw for the new comic. 

But picking up a new ability doesn’t necessarily equate to that ability coming in the form of a benefit. Perhaps hinting at a Banner-like trait that finds Logan frustrated at his inability to fully command it, Soule said fans can expect to see Wolverine struggle to control a power that, in a way we’ll soon discover, is deeply connected to his past.

“I think many folks are thinking it’ll work sort of like a Johnny Storm ‘flame on’ idea — it won’t,” he teased. “The idea that Wolverine’s claws can heat up in certain situations is tied to his history, and it’s really more of a side effect than a power. It’s not a good thing, generally speaking... The claws serve a specific purpose in this story, and that’s why they’re there.”

We’re only a couple of days away from the start of Logan’s harrowing journey back from the dead. Return of Wolverine lands in comic book stores, on the Marvel Comics app, and as a digital download on Sept. 19.