Charlie Brooker on his love of the Gameboy theme from Robocop

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Jan 7, 2018, 4:40 PM EST

When given the option of only listening to a few songs for eternity, Black Mirror creator Charlie Brooker chose the Game Boy RoboCop theme, of course.

Sunday morning on BBC Radio 4's show "Desert Island Discs," Charlie Brooker, creator of the dark anthology series Black Mirror (whose Season 4 is a critical hit), made an unusual but awesome choice for one of his "desert island" songs. On each episode of "Desert Island Discs," guests are asked to choose eight songs, a book, and a luxury item they'd take with them if stuck on a desert island. A difficult task for most of us pop-culture junkies but Brooker was up to the challenge.

Brooker's third song choice was the Game Boy RoboCop theme and when asked why he had a reasonable explanation: "it's a piece of music that's better than it had to be for a Game Boy game." And listening to the track, he's not wrong.

Get ready for this ear worm and take a listen:

In case you're curious, Brooker also chose Radiohead's "Present Tense," "Tomorrow Never Knows" by The Beatles, Florence’s "Sad Song," and "The New Potatoes" by Denim potentially creating the most interesting playlist ever.

What would be on your list desert island list? Maybe some Black Mirror?

(via BBC)