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Charlie Cox reveals where Season 4 of Marvel's Daredevil would've gone

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Jan 22, 2019, 12:31 PM EST (Updated)

The cancellation of Marvel's Daredevil was just the last stab at Marvel and Netflix’s Red Wedding, but the part that hurts the most for fans is knowing that the creative team behind the superhero show already knew where they were going for the fourth season. Will we ever get to see it? Not terribly likely, as Disney’s streaming service is expected to move onward and upward from these canned projects, but ideas from these plans could always show up in other material.

While some of the writers from the show had vaguely discussed the direction of the likely-never-to-be-seen season, star Charlie Cox now has some details for fans thanks to a new interview he did with Inverse.


Credit: Netflix

“They’d had a preliminary conversation with me about what might happen and who might be involved or what the story might be,” Cox said of the upcoming season, explaining that the new content being bandied around was “very exciting.” His “vague sense of what the show might be” in the fourth season depended mostly on another character: Bullseye. Hopefully moving forward from the depiction in the Ben Affleck version of Daredevil, Wilson Bethel had just gotten an origin story and plenty of motivation for a fourth season that simply didn’t let him shine.

“I was looking forward to Wilson Bethel kind of getting to inhabit the character of Bullseye,” Cox said. “Season 3 was kind of an origin story for the character and how Agent Poindexter becomes that character. So I was looking forward to having a season where he really embodies the Bullseye persona and what that dynamic would be between Bullseye and Daredevil.” So figuring out the relationship between these two, with a more complicated drama than that between a hero and his Big Bad, would have driven the fourth season’s plotline — or at least the character beats of the two exciting supers.

However, even with the addition of a fan-driven petition — which Cox appreciates, saying that it’s “awesome” and “lovely that people want their voices to be heard and say they want the show to come back” — he doubts it will have much of an influence aside from helping him and the Daredevil staff lick their wounds. At least they went out with their fans on their side. But who knows when we’ll get to see Bullseye and Daredevil at it again?