Charlie Cox's dream MCU crossover event? Daredevil and Spider-Man

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Nov 11, 2019, 1:51 PM EST (Updated)

After not quite making the cut for Infinity War, Charlie Cox is still holding out hope for a superhero team-up that comic fans will be plenty familiar with. The Daredevil portrayer isn’t really sure about anything when it comes to the second season of The Defenders, but he knows what he likes. And what he likes is Spider-Man.

According to Collider, Cox spoke on the subject at the Las Vegas Comic-Con, couching his response as heavily as possible.

"I have to be really careful here," Cox said. "I mean, I’m sure I can say this. And I’ll just preface it by saying that I can’t see how this would happen. Maybe it will, maybe it won’t. But I have no information to suggest that this would ever happen. But it’d be really cool to see…I’d love to do something with Spider-Man."

And who wouldn’t? Tom Holland’s take on the webslinger has been one of the most refreshing and hilarious additions to the MCU - and, even if this crossover already has an advocate on the producer side of things, the hero has a history with Daredevil.

The two beat cop superheroes, patrolling the streets of NYC, have often teamed up to take down criminals and supervillains plaguing their city. Maybe it’ll become a big-screen reality at some point — but Cox assured fans that it likely wasn’t in the second season of The Defenders, because he, ironically enough, is completely in the dark about the subject.

"I have no idea about Defenders," Cox said. "I know that I had a great time doing the first season and I love those guys and I love the work that we did and I love all of their shows. I hate to kind of shut down so many of these, I'm really asked to not speculate on this stuff, so I really have no idea if they're thinking about it. Honestly, I don't.”

“When it comes to information about the show and characters and future seasons,” Cox continued, “the question that everyone loves to ask, is ‘am I ever gonna be in one of the movies?’ In general, most of the time, I know nothing. And very wisely, they tell me nothing. Even if I do, it's kind of difficult, because just to even speculate about it in a public forum, then it becomes something that people talks about, and, very quickly, that becomes the word of God." So let’s not speculate and instead take this ignorance of the future as nothing but a sign that anything could happen — even a crossover with webhead.