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Charmed bolstered its writing room with an actual witch

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Aug 7, 2018, 1:14 PM EDT (Updated)

After more than a decade, Charmed is coming back to TV — and the reboot has a few surprises already in store. The protagonist sisters all boast different fathers, updating the lily-white cast of the original to a cast of multicultural leads. We saw the pilot for the show at Comic-Con, but one piece of industry expertise that a writer on the show boasts wasn’t revealed until the Television Critics Association press tour.

At the TCA Charmed panel Monday in Beverly Hills, executive producers Jennie Snyder Urman, Jessica O’Toole, and Amy Rardin explained that one of their writers was himself an experienced witch. "We actually have a Latino witch on our writing staff," Rardin said. O'Toole confirmed, "They would meet once a week and do spells and put energy out there towards goals that they wanted to accomplish." That’s right. A real witch will be writing Charmed.

The writer was later identified as Marcos Luevanos, a writer and producer on the new show who’s worked on Life in Pieces and is a member of a coven. Luevanos found his way onto the show after another showrunner recommended him.

So how does that work? Having a person in the room that believes in what the room is making fictional? "Look, they’re witches, but humans, you know," O'Toole said. "We have all kinds as far as belief systems in our room. We have people who really think, if you manifest something, it happens. We have more traditional religious people in the room. We have skeptics. It’s very much like what we have on the show. So I think it’s wonderful to hear everyone’s feelings. This is a room where we meditate at the beginning of the day."

And just a heads-up, the male term “warlock” is often discouraged among witchy circles. This may or may not come up in the Charmed reboot.

Either way, the creative team loves the diversity, drive, and downright mysticality of their staff. “Our writers have been amazing,” O’Toole said. “They’re sending us spells they found, they’re watching exorcism and witchcraft movies.” It’s only a matter of time before things get spooky (or perhaps too powerful) behind the scenes.

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