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This Chatroulette zombie FPS shooter is the coolest game ever made

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Aug 24, 2015, 12:52 PM EDT (Updated)

This needs to be a real thing, all the time. Seriously, someone make this happen. I would pay good money to play this.

In an effort to create a unique combination of video chat, videogames and the zombie apocalypse, Realm Pictures created a live-action FPS zombie videogame. Seriously. Basically, they set up an elaborate cosplay experience, and mounted a body camera on an actor. From there, they let random users from services like Chatroulette, Omegle and Skype take control of the “character” by giving voice commands. Whatever you say, they do.

Want to fight the zombie horde with your crowbar? Give the command. Want to make a run for it? Just say the word. Want to berate the zombies with insults? Sure, give it a shot. More than just a regular videogame, this opens up almost limitless possibilities for a player to get creative. Since it's live-action, you’re not trapped by programming. If you think of something the creators didn’t? You can do it.

We’d think it’s only a matter of time before some creative sort decides to monetize this idea. When they do, I’ll be first in line to try it.

Check out the “game” in action below and let us know what you think:


If you’re interested in how they actually pulled off this ambitious experiment, the studio also released a making-of featurette to dig into the design and staging to create a believable zombie apocalypse. Check it out below:


(Via Popular Science)

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