Check in for the series finale of Bates Motel with a new trailer and pics

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Apr 19, 2017, 10:22 AM EDT

After five glorious seasons, Bates Motel will be closing its doors indefinitely next week. A&E has officially released the trailer and a couple of spoilery-ish pics from the fifth (and final) season finale of the critically acclaimed series.


Titled “The Cord,” the episode synopsis simply states: “Norman comes home.” Short, but effective, don’t you think?

Considering that Norman (Freddie Highmore, who deserves all the Emmys) has been kidnapped by an unhinged Romero (Nestor Carbonell) from the jail cell where he and Mother (Vera Farmiga) were being kept, does that mean something happens to Alex? From the trailer and one of the pics below, it looks like Norman has indeed escaped the clutches of his vengeful stepfather. And what’s going on with Dylan (Max Thieriot)? Why does he have a gun, and why is he pushing his brother against the hood of the car? Right, it may have to do with the fact that Norman/Mother has killed a bunch of people, including Dylan's mother-in-law.

Is it too much to ask for Norman and Dylan to BOTH come out of the series alive, with Norman getting the help he needs?

Have a look at the trailer and the gallery below (images via FarFarAwaySite) and check in for the final episode of Bates Motel on Monday, April 24 at 10/9c.