Check out 10 rare '60s pics of Doctor Who + furry Yeti monsters

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Jul 4, 2015, 11:40 AM EDT

Some fascinating pictures from Doctor Who's 1967 episode "The Abominable Snowmen" have come to our attention, and we've decided to share the amazing furry goodness with all of you.

The rather awesome black-and-white pics have our Second Doctor, then played by the late Patrick Throughton, encounter the furry alien robots called the Yetis and share in an umbrella under the rain.

Pulled out from some deep dark cavernous archives (probably called "Google") by The Mirror UK, these pictures from September 1967 are a veritable treasure trove for all Doctor Who fans out there. We may have missed those pics the first time around, but we think there's no time like the present to share some pretty darn cool stuff, wouldn't you agree?

The Robot Yetis served the Great Intelligence (a non-corporeal entity), which made a very recent and notable appearance in this past Doctor Who Xmas episode "The Snowmen" and was voiced by Gandalf the Grey himself, Sir Ian McKellen. The Yetis were originally used as protectors before they were used as an army.

The episode was filmed on location in Snowdonia and also features actors Gordon Stothard, John Lord, Colin Warman and John Levene as the men in the Yeti suits. The costumes were made of yak fur and wool and had eyes that lit up. Now, how cool is that? The Eleventh Doctor would probably say it was as cool as bow ties.

Some of the pics freeze-framed some really awesome moments when a few dogs encountered those furry Yetis near Goodge Street underground station in London, this time in December of 1967. We think those dogs are some pretty cool customers—but we just love that boxer's reaction.

Have a look at this amazing gallery and let us know what you think!

(via The Mirror)