Check out 13 rare behind-the-scenes pics from the set of Alien

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Aug 21, 2013

Hard to believe next year will mark the 35th anniversary of 1979's Alien, and even more astounding how well the film holds up in terms of style, tone and terror.

Here's an amazing treasure of rare transparencies from the vaults of FX wizard Jon Sorensen, one of the creative crew on Alien at Bray and Shepperton Studios from 1978-79.  Sorensen joined the miniatures and VFX team in June of 1978 and was instrumental in all aspects of model building and set photography.  Orbit around these never-seen shots of the Nostromo tug, the "Victorian Gothic" style of the towering refinery, eerie LV-426 landscapes, an unused underbelly lighting effect for the Nostromo, the twisted technology of the derelict ship and Ripley's sexy-sleek Narcissus escape shuttle.  It's a glorious romp back to the beauty of blue screen and majestic model work. 

For more of this incredible collection, the originals of which are destined for the French Cinematheque in Paris, jet over to Sorensen's new Alien tribute site here.  Happy landings!

(Via Geek Tyrant)

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