Check out 16 sample pages from the ambitious new Ringworld graphic novel

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Jul 8, 2014

It’s already a sci-fi classic, and now Larry Niven’s 1970 novel, Ringworld, is making the jump to graphic novel. Want to see?

The story is apparently being split into a few different books, and the first installment is available today. The plot is obviously based on Niven’s novel, but it's adapted for the comic medium by Robert Mandell with art by Sean Lam.

The book is awesome, and various film versions have kicked in and out of development hell for the past few decades. The latest attempt is currently in development at Syfy via a 4-hour miniseries. While we wait, this nifty graphic novel should be a fun way to bide our time.

If you're unfamiliar with the plot, here’s a quickie synopsis:

In Ringworld, two-hundred-year-old human Louis Wu is recruited by a two-headed alien named Nessus to join him, a catlike warrior alien named Speaker, and the infinitely lucky human Teela Brown to explore an alien artifact. They find a Ringworld, a ribbon millions of miles long built around a distant sun. The civilization has fallen into savagery, though, and after crashing into the Ringworld, Louis must come up with a clever plan to get back to known space, hundreds of light years away.

Click here to check out a 16-page PDF of sample pages.

(Via Tor/Forge Blog)

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