Check out 1st funny ep of web series about Death Star's PR dep't

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Feb 15, 2013, 4:23 PM EST

When you work for an evil galactic empire, it's not always easy to spin things positive. 

Death Stars exist for one reason -- blowing $#@! up.  But do the guys in charge think about the reprecussions?  No.  That's why Robbie Boland came up with Death Star PR, a hilarious new web series that takes on how the low-level grunt deals with the Emperor's insane decisions.  Here's how the shows creators have explained it:

It is a period of civil war. The benevolent GALACTIC EMPIRE have just unveiled their secret weapon. No, not the DEATH STAR, its PR TEAM. Hounded by calls from evil REBEL ALLIANCE supporters, WILSON, Head of PR, and his scruffy-looking off-sider, SHARPE, set out to prove that the Death Star will restore peace to the galaxy…

There are a total of six episodes, the first of which deals with the aftermath of Alderaan's destruction, and the remainder which can either be bought now or seen in the coming weeks.  We've got the first episode right here for you to check out.

Nice touch that one of the characters looks like they will be replaced each episode, and it's both a funny touch and a nice way to save money to never actually show Vader and the Emperor. We dug it. Let us know what you think!

(via Topless Robot)