Check out 1st pics from Syfy's new giant robot fighting series

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Apr 29, 2019, 7:40 AM EDT (Updated)

The first pics from Syfy's new, life-sized version of Rock Em Sock Em Robots have been revealed—and it looks like sparks are gonna fly bigtime once this series gets started. Want to see some giant battle bots?

Dubbed Robot Combat League, the 1,000-pound battle bots will be controlled by shadow boxers, a la the recent Hugh Jackman sci-fi flick Real Steel. Awesome, right?

Syfy President Mark Stern told Entertainment Weekly the series is like the epic, modern day evolution of Comedy Central's 2000 series Battle Bots:

"It has always been our desire -- and it's really come around perennially -- to update and do Battle Bots for the new century. Can we do Real Steel? Are we at a place where you can do real bipedal robots? Every time we tried to to do it [the project] was stymied by the technology.

Up until we actually saw them in the ring fighting, we didn't think it would work. Setrakian created a robotics system that can mimic a human's actions and movements. We've had robots decapitated, we've had robots cut in half. It was truly spectacular."

The series will have 12 teams, with each team featuring a fighter and robotics engineer. The robots will have quirky names make "Sgt. Smash" and "Steampunk." Oh, and did we mention one of the fighters is none other than George Lucas' daughter, MMA fighter Amanda Lucas?

Fights will work in a format similar to a boxing match, with three rounds and prize money for winning teams.

The new series is set to premiere Feb. 26.

What do you think? Will Robot Combat League scratch your robot fighting itch?

(Via Entertainment Weekly)