Check out 3 pages + multiple variant covers from Marvel's Princess Leia #1

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Apr 29, 2019, 6:31 AM EDT (Updated)

We're now officially living in the second era of Marvel Star Wars comics. Last month Star Wars #1 debuted, this week Darth Vader #1 hits comic shops, and next month we get a new look at a favorite character with the Princess Leia miniseries from writer Mark Waid (Daredevil) and artist Terry Dodson (Uncanny X-Men). Set in the immediate aftermath of the first Star Wars film, after the Rebel Alliance's victory at Yavin IV and the destruction of the first Death Star, the series looks to show us a side of Leia that we've never seen before: the princess who finds herself suddenly and heartbreakingly without a homeworld.

"She very much compartmentalizes it in A New Hope, but that's our springboard: how does she really cope with losing her entire world once the events around that loss have calmed down somewhat? Does she choose to be the princess of nothing—or does she set out to rebuild her heritage and her civilization? You can probably guess the answer," Waid said in an interview at

Like the Star Wars flagship series from Jason Aaron and John Cassaday, Waid and Dodson are out to mine the moments in between the three original films and give us a more comprehensive view of who these characters are, and when it comes to Leia, that could prove to be very fertile ground. Though the Rebellion is her cause, she's essentially homeless, she's lost many loved ones, and she has to find a way to press on. When asked what we'll see Leia do in the series that we've never seen before, Waid had a very direct answer.

"Negotiate from a position of absolute and total poverty."

To build anticipation for the five-issue series, Marvel has released three unlettered preview pages from the first issue, and things pick up right where the medal ceremony that closes A New Hope leaves off. Plus we've got a whole slew of variant covers drawn by everyone from Alex Ross to Skottie Young to J. Scott Campbell. Check it all out in the gallery below.

Princess Leia #1 is on sale March 4. 

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