Check out 30+ variant covers from Marvel's upcoming Star Wars #1 comic

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Apr 29, 2019, 6:57 AM EDT (Updated)

Marvel is gearing up for one of its biggest comic launches in recent history with the return of the Star Wars license, following several years of the franchise being at Dark Horse. So, how is the comic company commemorating the momentous occasion?

With an absolute boatload of variant covers, that’s how. Marvel is launching Star Wars #1, written by Jason Aaron with artwork by John Cassaday, on January 14, and the ‘book will be set within the official canon of the original trilogy and new films. Disney plans to generate a connected universe across comics, TV and the new films — and this comic launch is a big step in that initiative.

Rumor has it the company could print as many as one million copies of the debut issue, with anticipation extremely high to see the continued adventures of Luke, Leia and Han Solo in the years following the conclusion of the original trilogy. More than 30 variant covers have been created for the event, with several exclusive to specific stores and comic distributors.

Check out more than 30 of the current designs for variant covers, with at least a handful more off-shoots expected by the time the release date rolls around.

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