Check out 7 pages from Max Landis' new Superman origin comic American Alien

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Oct 16, 2015, 6:04 PM EDT

The man who wrote the script for Chronicle (and a spec script for a Fantastic Four film that sounded better than the one we actually got) is now setting his sights on Superman’s origin story.

Max Landis, who previously dabbled in the Superman mythology with the Adventures in Superman series, is preparing to launch  a new seven-issue miniseries dubbed Superman: American Alien. Unlike most modern Superman tales, Landis’ new series will key in on the formative pre-teen and teen years of Clark Kent. The run is teased to have a tone that varies from “heartwarming and simple” to “frighteningly gritty and violent” to “sexy, sun-kissed and funny.” So, wide-ranging, apparently?

Judging by the preview pages below, it seems the story will track young Clark as he learns to use his powers, and the impact it has on his adoptive parents Jonathan and Martha Kent. It’s an interesting concept, and with Landis at the pen, it could be a nice diversion from the mainline DC stuff once it arrives later this year.

The first issue of Superman: American Alien is set to hit shelves Nov. 11.

(Via Comic Book)