Check out 9 future-set pages from DC’s rebooted Batman Beyond comic

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May 26, 2015

After playing a key role in DC Comics’ Futures End series, the character of Batman Beyond is heading home (kinda) and getting his own standalone book. Want a peek?

Spoilers ahead for DC’s Comics’ Futures End series!

The debut issue doesn’t hit shelves until June 3, but DC has gone ahead and released an extended preview showing Tim Drake’s trip to the future to take up Terry McGinnis’ former mantle. Drake took on the future-cowl after McGinnis met a tragic end during Futures End, sacrificing himself in an effort to save the world. That series ended as a massive setup for a new standalone run.

This book picks up with Drake thrown 35 years into the future, landing in a Neo-Gotham that seems to be a mix of the world from the original animated series and the messed-up future caused by Brother Eye in Futures End. The preview finds Drake picking up the mission left behind by McGinnis, while continuing his battle with Brother Eye. It's being written by Dan Jurgens with art by Bernard Chang.

As for Batman canon alum Tim Drake taking on the cowl? It’s a brave move, to be sure, but honestly we’re still kind of bummed Terry McGinnis didn’t get a chance to shine in a new standalone series. Shooting Drake into the future makes for a nice creative move, but McGinnis is obviously a big part of what made Batman Beyond so great. We're looking forward to this one, but here’s hoping DC finds a way to bring McGinnis back at some point.

After finally getting a shot to shine in Futures End as part of the real DC canon, we’d love to see more from the character.

(Via DC Comics)

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