Check out a 4-page preview of the long-awaited return of Neil Gaiman's Miracleman

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Apr 29, 2019, 6:24 AM EDT (Updated)

More than two decades ago, Alan Moore handed Neil Gaiman the reins of Miracleman, the iconic superhero series that Moore made into one of his signature serious treatments of superhero comics. Before Watchmen, and even before Swamp Thing, this was Moore breaking new ground in superhero storytelling, and his sensibility in the medium would eventually make him a legend. Gaiman and artist Mark Buckingham (Fables) picked up the story in 1990, taking Miracleman into a utopian age, but then, in 1994, Miracleman's publisher Eclipse Comics went bankrupt, and their run on the book abruptly ended. 

Marvel Comics' acquisition of the Miracleman rights meant there was new hope for Gaiman and Buckingham to continue the story, and now, after Marvel reprinted Alan Moore's run, it's finally happening. This fall Marvel will launch Miracleman by Gaiman and Buckingham, a new series that will reprint the previously released "Golden Age" story and, finally, continue the unfinished "Silver Age" story and progress into the long-planned "Dark Age" arc. 

As with the Alan Moore reprints, this run of Miracleman will be "remastered" from the original artwork, and original colorist D'Israeli and letterer Todd Klein have returned to help that process along. Marvel also promises bonus material for the issues, including original scripts and sketches. So, if you've been waiting 20 years to read what happens next, or if you're just curious about Miracleman, this sounds like a hell of a place to start.

Miracleman by Gaiman and Buckingham #1 arrives Sept. 2. Check out four lettered preview pages, plus variant covers, in the gallery below.

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