Check out a lettered preview of Marvel's much-anticipated Secret Wars #1

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Apr 30, 2015

We're finally less than a week away from the kickoff of Secret Wars, the massive Marvel Comics event that features the collision of the 616 and the Ultimate Universe, a host of alternate realities and timelines gathered together on Battleworld, and what promises to be a continuity-altering chain of events. Marvel's buildup to the event has featured the announcement of dozens of tie-in series, including Old Man LoganA-ForceAge of Ultron vs. Marvel Zombies and more. For some readers, it's been a lot to take in, a confusing collage of Marvel history, but throughout all of the Secret Wars promotion one thing has remained clear: We'll always have the main miniseries to fall back on. 

The Secret Wars series, from writer Jonathan Hickman (Infinity) and artist Esad Ribic (Thor: God of Thunder), is the flagship of this entire endeavor, the centerpiece where the biggest of big events unfold, and even if you don't read any of the other series in the event you'll still have a good picture of the future of the Marvel Universe if you just stick to these eight issues (plus the Free Comic Book Day zero issue). Hickman's teased in interviews that the series will open with "the end of the world" and then unveil the full Battleworld story after that, and we've been eager to see just how all of that comes together. Now we finally have our first glimpse.

Marvel dropped (Via CBR) a lettered preview of Secret Wars #1 today, and though it's only two pages of story, it's an epic two pages. It features Iron Man, Luke Cage, Captain Marvel, Iron Fist, Storm, Thor, the Guardians of the Galaxy and other Marvel heroes engaged in a massive battle after two earths (presumably the 616 Earth and the Ultimate Earth) have collided. We don't know where the series is going just yet, but one thing's clear from this glimpse: Hickman and Ribic aren't starting small.

Secret Wars #0 arrives on Free Comic Book Day, this Saturday, followed by Secret Wars #1 on May 6. Check out the preview, along with variant covers by Alex Ross, Amanda Conner and more, in the gallery below.

(Via CBR)

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