Check out a preview of Marvel's new post-Jedi comic series, Shattered Empire

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Apr 29, 2019, 6:24 AM EDT (Updated)

Ever since Disney and Lucasfilm decided that the Star Wars Expanded Universe built through, books, comics and other media over the past few decades was no longer canon, everyone's been waiting to see what the companies would fill the void with, and now that picture is getting clearer. In addition to a new series of films, Disney's also launched a new series of novels, and Marvel's been filling in the gaps of the original Star Wars trilogy with its comic-book series. Now Marvel Comics is launching its first new series set after the events of Return of the Jedi

Published under the same Journey to Star Wars: The Force Awakens banner that includes the upcoming Chuck Wendig novel AftermathShattered Empire is a new comics series from writer Greg Rucka (Cyclops) and artist Marco Checchetto (Avengers World) that takes place in the immediate aftermath of the Battle of Endor that killed the Empire and gave the Rebel Alliance a significant, seemingly final victory. Of course, the Empire's not going down that easy, according to the book's synopsis:

High above the forest moon of Endor, the Rebel Alliance makes their desperate last stand against the might of the Empire. Though they are successful in the destruction of the second Death Star, the Empire is far from beaten. Now, follow Shara Bey, an A-Wing pilot in the Rebel Fleet in the days following the Battle of Endor. Though their super weapon has been destroyed, Shara will discover that just how dangerous and unpredictable a shattered Empire can be!

In the first preview pages from the series, we see Shara Bey, a welcome new female character in Star Wars canon, piloting her A-Wing alongside the Imperial shuttle flown by Luke Skywalker as he escapes the Death Star moments before its destruction. The rest of what we see is pretty much pulled directly from the films, but it all proves that Bey is going to be an integral part of this new story with very close ties to characters we know and love.

Check out the preview pages, along with the main cover by Phil Noto and a variant cover by Checchetto, in the gallery below. Shattered Empire #1 arrives Sept. 2.


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