Check out a preview of R.L. Stine's Man-Thing #1

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Feb 11, 2017, 6:00 PM EST

If you love the creepier side of Marvel Comics, there's a good chance you love the mysterious swamp creature known as Man-Thing. The character will soon be reinvigorated via scary story legend R.L. Stine, who will make his Marvel Comics debut with Man-Thing#1 in March, and now we've finally got a look at what he's cooking up with artists German Peralta and Daniel Warren Johnson.

In Stine's new mini-series, Man-Thing will get a chance to express himself in a new way by regaining his voice, which will open up new dimensions to the character. He'll also be venturing beyond his swamp home and leaving behind the guardianship of the Nexus of All Realities. With a chance at a new life, Man-Thing must also face a threat that forces him to consider his old responsibilities.

Unfortunately, the preview pages don't show us any of that, but they do provide a thrilling new depiction of how the scientist Dr. Ted Sallis became Man-Thing in the first place. Check that out, along with several amazing variant covers, in the gallery below.

Man-Thing #1 arrives March 8.

(via ComicBook)