Check out a preview of the final issue of Marvel's acclaimed She-Hulk

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Feb 12, 2015, 4:10 PM EST

Over the last two years or so, Marvel Comics has received plenty of acclaim for books that draw on the particular aesthetic of a creative team to deliver new takes on old heroes. Perhaps the most famous of these is Hawkeye by Matt Fraction, David Aja and Annie Wu, but that's far from the only example. From Black Widow to Magneto and beyond, Marvel creators have drawn devoted fans and loads of critical acclaim for these innovative-yet-faithful solo titles, and for the last year She-Hulk has been one of the publisher's brightest spots.

Last spring, writer Charles Soule and artist Javier Pulido set Jennifer Walters on a new path, when she broke away from (literally, in one panel) her job at a major law firm and started her own practice. Since then, she's fought plenty of battles both in and out of the courtroom, and her adventures have included everything from facing Tony Stark's corporate lawyers to going head to head with Daredevil in a courtroom to trading punches with Titania. It's been a wild, always-entertaining ride, but despite a solid fan following and great review after great review, She-Hulk is coming to an end next week with its 12th issue. Jennifer Walters has plenty of excitement ahead, including a major role in the upcoming all-female Avengers comic A-Force, but even though we expect to see a lot of her in the coming months, we're sad to see this book go.

Issue #12 promises to continue the unraveling that began in issue #11 of the mystery of the "Blue File" that's lingered in the background of the series throughout the run, and it begins with a flashback sequence featuring a host of Marvel characters you might not have seen in a while. There's She-Hulk, of course, but there's also Tigra, the Monica Rambeau incarnation of Captain Marvel, Wyatt Wingfoot, Dr. Druid and more. Check out a preview of the issue, including Kevin Wada's gorgeous final cover and a variant cover by Kris Anka, in the gallery below.

She-Hulk #12 hits comic book stores Feb. 18.

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