Check out a preview of the final Kate Bishop issue of Fraction's Hawkeye

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Sep 8, 2014

With just three issues of Marvel's Hawkeye series left, it's time for Kate Bishop's final solo adventure.

Earlier this year we got the very sad news that the Eisner-winning series Hawkeye from writer Matt Fraction and artists David Aja and Annie Wu (among others) will be coming to a close with its 22nd issue this November. The series began as a Rockford Files-inspired exploration of what Clint Barton gets up to "when he's not being an Avenger," and along the way it took several inspired turns, including an issue entirely from the point of view of Clint's dog, an issue in which much of the dialogue was conveyed via sign language, and the somewhat daring choice to split the book into the adventures of two different Hawkeyes.

For the last several issues, while Clint's been struggling in New York City, his Hawkeye successor Kate Bishop's been off in Los Angeles having her own crime-fighting adventures, which eventually got her embroiled in the affairs of Madame Masque (again). Now Clint needs all hands on deck for the final battle set to unfold in Hawkeye #21 and #22, which means Kate's got to make her way home in issue #20. As usual with Kate, though, it won't be easy. See, Madame Masque has sprung a trap, and Kate's gonna have to fight her way through it if she ever hopes to get out of L.A.

Hawkeye #20, by Fraction and Wu, hits comic-book stores on Wednesday. Check out a lettered four-page preview, along with David Aja's cover and Fraction's always-entertaining synopsis page, in the gallery below.

(Via ComicsAlliance)

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