Check out this awesome '90s-style Birdman action figure TV commercial

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Feb 27, 2015, 12:59 AM EST (Updated)

Birdman not only won the glittery Best Picture Oscar at this year's Academy Awards, but now it's got something way cooler -- an official action figure commercial!   This totally awesome vintage ad was created specially for the Birdman Blu-ray/DVD debut this week and released by Fox Searchlight.  

It features a pair of wholesome, over-exuberant '90s-era kids going berserk with their talking Birdman toy, more powerful than ever before, kicking twigs and plywood boards while blasting a giant winged condor with a lethal laser beam.  The tone and style capture that brightly lit '90s vibe perfectly and make us yearn for an entire lineup of Birdman toys.  Soar into this sweet spoof and tell us if you'd buy one today.  Batteries not included.

(Via Nerd Approved)