Check out the awesome DC easter egg we all missed in the Constantine trailer

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Jun 26, 2015, 4:17 PM EDT (Updated)

Yes, we all noticed Doctor Fate’s helmet in that nifty Constantine trailer — but did you happen to spot the equally intriguing trinket behind it?

Yep, as DC's Geoff Johns points out below, we got so excited about Fate’s helmet that most of us didn’t even spot Ibis the Invincible’s Ibistick propped up on the wall behind it. If you’re unfamiliar, that’s okay, considering that the wand dates back to the 1940s at Fawcett Publications.

The Ibistick was used by Ibis the Invincible/Amentep, and also has some deep-rooted connections to Fawcett City and Shazam, meaning it could potentially open the door for a boatload of fun with the DC canon. C’mon, who wouldn’t want to see Shazam’s Squadron of Justice on the small screen?

As for its power, the stick has a lot of it, and can create just about any mystical effect the beholder could want to conjure. So, yeah, we could definitely see this thing coming into play at some point down the line. As the show digs deeper into the dark arts, don’t be surprised to see the Ibistick again.

When this series finally arrives this fall on NBC, it'll be the first real attempt to tackle the dark and mystical side of the DC canon on television. Yes, the pilot seems like a mishmash of The CW's Supernatural and UPN's short-lived (but awesome) Haunted, but Constantine has something neither of those shows could tap into — decades upon decades of DC lore. Here's hoping they use it wisely.

(Via Comic Book Movie)