Check out the awesome DC easter egg we all missed from last night's Arrow

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Feb 27, 2014, 4:42 PM EST

In addition to putting together one of the most entertaining seasons on television this year and planting the seeds for a Flash spinoff, The CW’s Arrow is also slipping in some great easter eggs for eagle-eyed fans.

One bit we totally missed the first time around from last night's episode? The bus ad for a new film based on mid-tier DC superhero Blue Devil, who has been kicking around the comics since the mid-1980s. Though our reality hasn’t been treated to the awesomeness of a Blue Devil film, it turns out there’s one opening this summer (in 3D!) in the Arrow-verse. 

After fans spotted the brief shot in the episode, producer Marc Guggenheim released the full poster mock-up on Twitter, which you can see above. Check out the quick shot of the bus that was featured in the episode below:

For the uninitiated, the Blue Devil, aka Daniel Patrick Cassidy, was an effects guru who had a suit magically grafted to his body after duking it out with a demon. He uses those newfound powers to fight evil and eventually served a stint on the Justice League of America.

So, did you catch this one last night? Do you wish we lived in the mythical Arrow-verse where this was a reality? Hey, I Am Legend’s long-teased Batman vs. Superman is finally happening, so who says Blue Devil’s day will never come?

(Via Bleeding Cool)