Check out this awesome public game someone came up with based on Logan's Run

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Feb 6, 2014, 11:30 AM EST

It's the hot new game based on the movie based on the book about mass genocide of people over the age of 30. Cool!

If you're a geek of a certain age, there's a good chance you celebrated a certain birthday milestone by watching the 1976 classic Logan's Run. In fact, if there's a better (or more aggressively maudlin) way to enjoy turning 30 than imagining running from certain and inevitable death, I can't think of one.

So, naturally, nearly four decades later, someone decided to make an outdoor event based on Logan's Run. Yes, it's ridiculous. Yes, I want to take part anyway.

Gabe Smedresman and Catherine Herdlick came up with the idea for a street game where, based on the ticket you purchase, you will either play the role of a runner or one of the Sandmen. The whole thing will go down this weekend on Feb. 8 in San Francisco's SoMa district. From 6:30 to 10 p.m. Here are the particulars.

When your lifeclock turns black, will you accede to the mandatory euthanization ritual of Carrousel, or will you run? Search the corners and nooks of the City for the secret of Sanctuary. Discover strange sights and hidden peoples, some trustworthy – some not – all while evading ruthless squads of Sandmen searching for Runners at every turn.

This is a street game in the style of Journey To The End of The Night. There will be 1-2 miles of walking involved: so wear comfortable shoes. There may be brief periods of running and chasing, but players of all levels of athletic ability will enjoy themselves.

The best part, though, is that you get to dress the part. So if you're a runner, you should be wearing "something fetching, shiny, and solid-colored in orange, watermelon red, red, mint, green, or emerald." Basically something nausea-inducing. Of course, if you're a Sandman, it's a black-and-gray-only affair.

We won't actually be able to get to San Franciso this weekend (if only it were in the budget, if only!), but we're hoping one of you will get there, report back and tell us if you could find Sanctuary!

(via Laughing Squid)