Check out behind-the-scenes video of Batman vs. Superman's opening scene

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Nov 18, 2016, 1:10 PM EST (Updated)

Cameras have rolled on the first scene from Batman vs. Superman -- and naturally there's video of it online already.

Remember when we told you last week that director Zack Snyder was shooting a crowd scene for his upcoming sequel to Man of Steel this past Saturday (Oct. 19) at East Los Angeles College's Weingart Stadium during halftime of that day's Huskies game? 

Well, that shoot took place, and, these being the times we live in, video footage has already popped up online.

The filming involved three plays of a game between Gotham City University and Metropolis State University, which is reportedly the opening scene in the movie. None of the principal actors were involved, but Snyder apparently wanted to get the footage in the can during football season while he had access to teams, stadiums, crowds and gear (the bulk of photography is said to be starting next February for the summer 2015 release).

According to Batman-News (via Slashfilm), two scenes were filmed: The first was a tackle for a Metropolis loss of yards, but the second was a touchdown pass for Metropolis in the corner of the end zone. The final shot saw the Gotham bench clearing as a fight broke out on the field. Snyder was on a megaphone the entire time, calling the plays and cuts.

What may be most interesting about all this was that a rep for Warner Bros. Pictures told the crowd that they were going to be in a scene from Batman vs. Superman -- yes, that's how the rep referred to it, as Batman vs. Superman.

So while no official title has been revealed, we now have evidence that the studio and filmmakers may be going with Batman vs. Superman and we'll use that until otherwise notified.

Check out two different takes on the day's events below and tell us: Should they just go ahead and officially make Batman vs. Superman the title of the movie?



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