Check out a brief but intriguing new clip from The Walking Dead

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Dec 16, 2012

Those of us who know how The Walking Dead's midseason finale ended are having a tough time waiting the three-plus weeks until the premiere of the next episode. Luckily, AMC has decided to help us out with a new teaser clip. It definitely makes the wait easier, even if it is very, very short.

This new clip presents us with a whopping 45 seconds of footage. It's a Rick-and-Hershel scene, and they seem to be sitting in a bar, which suggests either travel or simply a need to get away from the farm for a drink. It's not surprising at all to find them apparently in the middle of a debate over the fate of the survivors they're both protecting. They've been doing that all season, but if you saw the midseason finale you might be a bit surprised they're still talking at all.

But then something more intriguing enters the picture. Check out the clip to see for yourself.

Who are those guys? Where did they come from, and what do they want? Perhaps more importantly, where are we? We have to wait until February to see if the show will answer those questions for us. Until then, we can just re-read the comics to try and find a connection.

The Walking Dead's next episode, "Nebraska," premieres at 9 EST/8 CST Feb. 12 on AMC.

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