Check out the Cabin in the Woods ads that were too much for Japanese audiences

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Mar 8, 2013, 4:08 PM EST

Joss Whedon's genre-redefining horror flick Cabin in the Woods is just making it to Japan, and, boy, are the ads for it unsettling. 

Cabin in the Woods is certainly a good film -- it's got some atmosphere, solid characters, good acting and a twist that finds a very clever way to join all of horror's most common tropes under one umbrella. But is it scary? Not terribly so, no. So imagine our surprise when ads for the film at Tokyo's railway stations had to be taken down because they were too scary.

Are the Japanese easily frightened? Well, we've seen adaptations of their horror flicks and, no. They often outscare us by an out-of-country mile. Turns out that the ads are much scarier than the final product.

This is the ad after it had been edited. Keep in mind that this is a video advertisement. In its original incarnation, it was in full color and quite gory. The girl, covered in blood, screams at passers-by, begging for help. Yikes! We're actually kind of surprised the only thing they changed was the color!

The only bummer, of course, is that the film, while good, will probably seem pretty disappointing by comparison.

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