Check out Elon Musk's hilarious Twitter exchange with Rick and Morty

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Mar 26, 2021, 3:00 AM EDT (Updated)

Rick and Morty, the Cartoon Network animated series following the adventures of a drunk scientist and his grandson, is one of the smartest, silliest sci-fi shows on television. The blend of high-concept storytelling, wild humor, and powerful character moments has made it one of the most acclaimed animated series in recent memory. As a result, it has many famous fans. 

Among them, apparently, is SpaceX CEO and possible future Mars colonist Elon MuskRick and Morty concluded its third season just a few days ago, and Musk took notice. He was so impressed that he decided to profess his love of the season finale on Twitter.

The official Twitter account for the show, which seems pretty happy to engage in tomfoolery, actually responded. Once it started, it went on for quite a while, and we were left with a little bit of metafictional gold.

Which will come first: The Singularity or Elon Musk guest-starring on Rick and Morty? You decide.