Check out the five short horror films Guillermo del Toro thinks are awesome

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Oct 28, 2014

Director Guillermo del Toro and Legendary Pictures have teamed up to host a short film contest to find the next great horror director — and here are the finalists.

Del Toro did the judging himself, and as the man behind Hellboy, Blade II, The Strain and The Devil’s Backbone, he definitely has the clout to do it right. He’s apparently spent a good bit of time digging through the various entries, and he's emerged with a list of five shorts that could be the next horror hit.

The winner of the contest will score a development deal with Legendary Pictures to work with del Toro to expand the short into a feature film, so this is definitely the kind of contest that could launch a career. Plus, del Toro is awesome, and you’d think these young filmmakers are psyched to work with him.

While we wait to find out who wins, check out the five shorts below via Deadline and let us know which one you’re pulling for:

What Terrifies 20-Somethings On Halloween

Internet Trolls

The Passing


Human Chair

(Via Deadline)

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